My name is Thomas.

I’m from the Netherlands, yeah that weird cheesy country (could we please stop making fun of the cheese thing, try something new!). I’m 15 years old…
What does it even matters? Right?

Anyway this is I think my third blog I’m trying to make, I’ve had in the past a blog about my life as a secret gay boy (it’s not a secret anymore #gayrights haha) after a while I forgot all about it and deleted it…
Last February I was all over photo-shopping so I made a blog about that, I had 1 post then same story as my gay blog…
So right now I’m  like: “you know what? I’m gonna try it again haha.”, so this is my new blog.

In this blog I’m not about to talk one specific thing, I’m just gonna share my thoughts and story’s and maybe throw some hate about Donald Trump (cuz, let’s be honest the only difference between Trump and a carrot is, is that the carrot is loved and respected in this society).

So yeah, if you would like me to write about a specif topic, add it in the comments.

LOVE YOU (Fridge)




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