Crying About Life

Today i went to a try out day of the school I really want to go to, unfortunately it is like 3 streets away from my ex- boyfriend.
Today was the first time after I broke up with him that I was at the same train station as when I was visiting him.

It brought back a lot of memories, not only that made me feel very uncomfortable, but also the fear of seeing him. It is not only the school I want to go to, but his as well.

On the way home I was very angry and moody, I just want to move on from the break up is what I felt and thought, it is over three months that I broke up. I told my parents the way I felt and they were pretty okay and left me alone for a while.
When the train was at our train station I still wanted to be alone for a bit more, so i took off alone to go home.

While I was riding my bike I started to cry so hard, and I felt so bad, all the feeling came back, usually I am really good to deny pain and push it away, so it all came in at once and it overwhelmed me, I called my best friend and we had a really good talk for about an hour.

I know I’m not over my ex and have a lot to process but this may be the beginning.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that even if a friend looks totally fine after a break-up they might don’t feel fine.

Let me know in the comments what you do after a break up to get over the person? (I mean it, I really need some advice..)

LOVE YOU (Fridges)







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